Realizations, Acceptances, Forgiveness & Change

Realizations and acceptances… forgiveness & change

by ON MY HEALING JOURNEY on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 10:40pm

“.. coming to some realizations and acceptances.  I’m thankful our teaching are very real  and meaningful.  Thankful for growing up with teachings in between the chaos of every day city life and intergenerational mishaps. I wrote this to organize my  thoughts and I write for all.  I continue to learn about myself and to share the humanness inside of me.

FORGIVENESS is a dirty word NOT 🙂

So often forgiveness is a hard-fought battle within ourselves..   Forgiving is ego busting to say the least but it is the only and honest, and most successful way in our intergenerationally crazy ndn world ..One of the hardest things in this indigenous world,  besides forgiving those who need forgiving, besides forgiving yourself, is …

Pray for WHO?

to pray for those who caused such pain somehow, to you, or to someone you love  and to keep a good spirit out there.. and open our eyes to the truthful reality rather than anger. Wishing them ill will is so easy.. Praying FOR them is so, so hard.  It’s hard enough to remember to pray daily, much less praying so hard to forgive. Our Creator and our teachings say, Pray for yourself and your loved ones, for the earth.. pray harder for  the people who are the hardest to pray for… who truly do need to be prayed for, even pray if you consider or maybe especially, if you consider them the enemy to your well-being.


Honest and understanding communication. The changing of this communication has helped so much to create a turn of events.. at least in one part of one situation.  What I also realize is that I must not only say, “It’s important to change the way you communicate”  but also  change my OWN communication, in a heated situation. I also must ensure, however painful for all parties in any situation, and to each person, to make a plea for an assertive and understanding voice or nothing will be solved. So important and real that we, each, accept that this is not giving in.  Understanding communication, after a few deep breaths and relaxing our back and muscles…is the only way, otherwise it is a bitter fight to the end to try to be the one who’s RIGHT! TO WIN over the other.


In a battle, in an aggressive war of emotions and words…there often is no winner .. just burnt out nerve endings… high blood pressure.. a drink or two.. a shriek or two, sleepless nights.. and rants and raves to friends and family, shortened lives in the end…. maybe one had the last word.  Yet.. the next day, the next week,. we start all over again.. should one say one thing the wrong way… or the right thing in the wrong way.

It’s a never ending circle. cycle.. when one part of the medicine wheel is missing for those who we must yank our warrior spirit out for, even if that person is ourselves.  If only one is.. to chill our temperament. .. warm our hearts…and to say…”okay..”  or to say…”yes, I understand..”  etc.. it helps .. well, it does help.  A lot.. but unless both parties calm down.. then what is solved, well, one part is solved..  The magic is.. when even only ONE person ‘gives in’ to the magic of ‘workin it..’  then things can still change.

The hard way is the best way… the hard way seems it would take longer…but the reality is the opposite. If one person uses the magic Forgiveness & Praying & Changing Communication & Accepting people have their various stories and issues….. in the end the winners are many… well.. not winners so much as we are giving peace and prayers a chance.”


Kat ❤

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