Hello all!

Today is April.. well, something or other.. and it is 2011.  I just started up again with my blog.. to let you know what’s happening in in my homely little world…. the good the bad and yes, the ugly.. I also want to use this blog to help you get to know ME a little better.  Many of the posts, I’ve written myself.. and others, I ensure to credit with the original writer.

I am just an ordinary person with all the same hopes and dreams and issues that face many of our people.. although I don’t have any addictions issues other than Pepsi (gasp!). I’ll create a bio of sorts because I just think it’s time.

I think what would surprise most people is that I’m actually quite shy but hide it well! I write much better than I speak.. which is why I approach the right people with the right knowledge to lend their voices to rallies and the like.

In terms of my activism/advocacy work .. I’d rather not have to take such steps but when my people ask.. it’s because they need support and if it’s within my realm of capability.. I try to do what I can. I’d say my best skill is to see what has to be done and do simply ” just do it..” Creating awareness I believe is a skill-set.

Wishing you all.. all ya’ll the best in life.. I pray for guidance from my Creator, I pray for those who need guidance and understanding.. I pray for those dealing with struggles, with strife, with issues.. I pray for our elders and those yet to be born, for parents, for those incarcerated to seek guidance, for our youth who deal with racism from other students and even still today, staff and teachers..

I also give thanks for the gift of life, and for the life givers that the Creator has bestowed upon us .. the air we breathe that breathes life into all that walk the earth.. to the wildlife, to the water and those that live in the seas and lakes.. to the sun and the moon.. the plant-life, all.. of which are life givers.. the ecosystem is a wondrous thing.. a wonderful gift and I pray that man will learn to see it as such and if not stop, at least slow down and work with what’s left of these gifts before all is destroyed.. thus our term on this planet will end sooner than was planned.. as nature is all powerful and will take back what was stolen.. what is being destroyed daily..

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