So.. I’m workin the Blog

yah so I’m workin the blog thang.  It feels pretty good actually.  Lots goin on in my world.  Dealing with great people, lots of events, more creative style invites to events, which is highly gratifying and acknowledging.

More invites to conferences to speak on indigenous style updates.. which is educationally, and ‘enlighteningly’ satisfying.

The goings in my personal world.. are somewhat contradictory! Great friends etcetera “IN THIS CORNERR!” and then, on the other hand, toxic situations

Doing what I can to retain my sanity.. means:

Seeing my counselor.

Calling the crisis line to vent and maybe even cry.

Creating prayers that ease my soul.

Talking to friends.

Releasing by writing..

there’s prolly more but that’s it for now.

I’ve been unofficially diagnosed as having Adult ADD.. so I see it as highly functional that i would have so many outlets.. in terms of venting .. in terms of also writing to release in as positive a manner as possible.

Many people depend on me & I must do my best to keep my cool, which I do.  Residential school experience has honed me well.. to keep my cool.. to hold on.

Coast Salish teachings of “how to be..”  have honed my inner core.. and my spirituality… such as it is.. to keep the peace.. keep the peace in my wording and by verbal voice.  But as I am human.. at times I give in to humanness.

I’m just thankful that I have so many outlets for my creative venting.. for my creations and I’m thankful for my Creator…


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