Response to 24 Hrs Letter: “Since when Did Canada Adopt a Third Language”

My letter to 24 Hrs Newspaper

re: Mark Smith letter and comment – complaining about the cost of adding native language to signs on the highway to Whistler and his question: “Since when did Canada adopt a third language?”

Pretty funny stuff Mark. This is Indigenous soil and you are considered a visitor here. This continent belonging to the Indigenous and rightful owners, was misappropriated and original place names randomly changed without consultation. Highway signs which include the
Squamish language are crumbs in comparison to the losses of homelands, water, food fishing, hunting practices. The colonizers of which you are descendents of, enacted forced assimilation policies which led to the forcing of the Indigenous people to live on small reservations and then using RCMP taking children away to live in residential schools leading to further losses of cultural practices, language, spirituality, pride.. I’m telling ya the list can go on for days.

The English and French are the colonizers language similar to the Spanish language of Mexico and the Phillipines. Languages forced upon us via the church and residential school system. We as the Indigenous people, consider English the foreign language of this continent.

Kat Norris
Coast Salish
Lyackson First Nation

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