“A Prayer for our Children”

A Prayer For Our Children

Creator of all things… we speak to you with our hearts

Our love for our children is strong, our love for our grandchildren


Let our children learn to live in these two worlds we live in

Let our ancestors guide them.

Let our young people open up their hearts to your guidance.

Creator, we ask you to walk them through harms way, that they

may choose to walk the right path and stay healthy

in mind, body and spiritual teachings.

Let them feel joy.. let them see the light of

kindness, confidence, culture, and the skill of self-sufficiency.

Creator, we thank you for the gift of our children, our grandchildren

let us also respect this gift you have shared with us…

Let us accept our responsibility and to be that someone they can trust,

our home their safe haven

Let us be there for them

not tomorrow

not next week

or just on their birthday

Not just when they need us..



and always…

O siem..


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