April 8, 2011

I seriously, must be the worst blogger of all time.  I blog once every three years or so?  But I must say.. I do need to organize my thoughts these days so here I go.

It was my mom’s birthday the other day.. and I FORGOT!  First time!! To my ‘credit’ .. I’ve been quite ill with bronchitis.. thank goodness it didn’t get worse..  but I won’t go into it .. after all.. I HATE when people go on about their colds n flus n such.

I’m receiving more and more invites to share my writing and songs.. which, on the one hand, is a nice break from the activist style presentation.. but I must say, I really need to upgrade my style! Get some background music in there… Even my nephew carries his “eye” pod.. plugs it in and he has his backup.

Now me.. I’ve been thinking.. “shall I have background flute music?  pow wow?  my salish style music?

then I worry:  “but how do I time it?  I’ll have to read my poem and simultaneously synchronize…   sheesh

As creative as I am in terms of my writing.. and creating pow wow style songs.. I suck at the technical stuff.  Athough what comes to mind is to sing into my camcorder which has great sound.. and use it for my own back up.. but I don’t have an ipod.  and there… I’m stuck again..

my eyes start blinking.. and my brain empties out.. with what little was in their of the technical side of performing.

I still  hold up tho.. that by my next ‘performance’.. on Sunday @ the Rhizome Cafe.. that I’ll manage to at least.. hm.. maybe get them to plug in a cd of flutey music whilst I recite my poems?    Wonder if they have WiFi there….  Native American Flute

Who knows.  It might work.

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