My weekend..

Wow, what a weekend.. got lost many a time in Seattle.. I had big plans to dance alll weekend.. but it didn’t work out that way.  We went to the pow wow on Friday nite and I just wanted to absorb it all so I sat up top and watched the beautiful dancers, spectacular colors.. dancing, visiting.. lots of laughter and ohh I wanted to be down there.. but it was a long trip.. after getting lost and we got there just after the grand entry was supposed to start.. and I was still cold.. So, I warmed up by just being there and basking in the warmth of our cultures and brotherhood..

The next day Saturday was spent visiting family.. more getting lost first!  and just enjoying the day..   Sunday.. we weren’t sure to dance or not to dance and decided to take our time and got there just after the grand entry with regret!  So, being my first pow wow in a long while.. my heart was pitter pattering with excitement, nervousness and anticipation.. and some fear to be honest.. knowing as soon as I walked on the floor all would be forgotten..

I saw my friend Lorinda and we visited and laughed and watched the dancers on the floor..  When the intertribals started, we walked down to the arena.. danced and visited with good friends on the dance floor in our spectacular colors, enjoying our beautiful culture..

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