Monday, September 22, 2008

It rained over the weekend, thus cancelling the Fort Langely Pow Wow.  My friend Mary and I traversed to Abbotsford where I met with Reynold who is closing out his craft supplies business.  I bought out what he had left of his jingle cones for jingle dancers as well as his cards. 

The A.I.D.S. Walk seems to be getting a little smaller yet organizers can still boast at least 400,000 people.  I didnt’ raise as much as I could have but still  managed a few hundred dollars.

I just found out that the managers of the Native Housing complex on East 4th and Commercial were injured in a car accident this morning.   It’s weird to know that the Fire Truck we saw (and heard) driving by us was for them.  I was with my group on our Walking to Wellness walk, on our way back to the Centre. 

within the ndn community when we hear general information about who was involved in what.. for example this accident.. we hear of two elders who may have lived in the east 4th area..

Many of us know of such people or relatives .. I got a few calls immediately as friends assumed I would know but i didnt’.   Then I realized Sky’s dad lives in that building as well..! 

But it was the two managers.. so prayers go out to them and their family for a strong recovery.

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