Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today is my second day with a walking group.

I figure.. well, its’ an age thing as well as a general fitness thang.. plus I need to get in better lung shape for cultural dancing.   I’m actually doing fairly well.  I’ve even joined a Learn to Skate program!  Go figure.

Let me tell you something… if you’re not in your teens.. even twenties.. SKATING IS SCARY!  You’re up a little higher in the air which throws you off and then you have to try to stay on your feet..  I managed a decent shuffle..

The instructor is awesome.  There are two of us in the ultimate beginner’s group.. uh.. pairs.. lol.

The other student has obviously taken lessons before but she didn’t have the skills to join the .. i guess you’d call it an advanced beginners group.

So there we were, these horrible black helmets on our adult heads.  Children on the other half of the rink, skating in circles, skating backwards, spinning..  the advanced group on the opposite half,  learning how to skate backwards and skating in a group circle.

and there WE were, us two in the middle of the rink, doing our beginner’s shuffle, making beginners screeches.. “AAhhhh.. Eeh!!”  smack in view of the bleachers..

I fell.  But only once!  And  yes it hurts.  It was only THEN the instructor showed us the proper way to fall!  The thing is, once you know what its’ like to fall.. you lose a little bit of the fear.  But you don’t want to fall again!

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